Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Babbles of a Fan Girl - Let's Talk about Suicide Squad and Star Wars (A.K.A Trailers and News)

Once upon a time, back when I had the ability to be a full-time nerd, I would go to a website called It is a movie news website and is always up-do-date with the goings on in the movie world.  I would check that site every-single-day (I'm fond of the "-" today <3) for any and all news about movies.  Meryl Streep sneezed and won another Oscar?  I knew about that weeks ago!  They decided to make another Harry Potter film about that time he got locked in the janitors closet and did nothing but play with himself for 3 hours until Professor Expendable found him?  Yeah, I knew about the green light AND Warner Brothers dropping the project to make Hangover 37.2.

That being said, I became an adult, got "a real job" and fell out of touch with movies.  Instead of always being ahead of the curb (insert Joker reference here) I am one of the usual slobs finding out my movie and pop culture news via Facebook.  I could go on a whole rant about the horrors of using Facebook as your primary news stop, but we will save that rant for another day.  When I heard about the new Star Wars trailer or the announcement of a Suicide Squad movie, I felt more "Huh....That's a thing," than anything else. . . . and then came the fandom.

Within ten minutes of hearing about all of this, I already had friends of Facebook and twitter blowing up my feed with opinions.  "The casting sucks!"  "What the hell is up with the new light sabers!"  "This trailer is just trying to make me excited!" There was so much negativity around franchises that should be exciting us.  I was about to throw up my hands and ignore the internet until the Rotten Tomato Reviews came trickling in.

Then I paused and thought.

Once upon a time, having Suicide Squad made into movies would have been impossible.  Now these type of franchises are popping up as fast as cereal mascots did in the 90s.  We have seen great work and we have seen bad, so we tend to be skeptical when these announcements come about.  I will admit ever since Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got a reboot I too started to fear the dread when it came to adaptations. So why am I not raging now?  Although I've never read the comics, Harley Quinn is my favorite villain.  The actress chosen to play her rings no bells in my mind.  Shouldn't I be hunting down her every performance to see if she will live up to my expectations?  Shouldn't I be writing her long emails explaining how she can properly play this beloved character?  We will get back to answering those questions. First, let us talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens

We were teased at the hopes of revisiting the nostalgia of the Star Wars universe when the prequels came out, only to be met with classic lines "Are you an angel?" or "Me-sa-piece-of-shitta". Our childhoods were attacked by disappointment and we swore to never let it happen again.  In other words, I think the creators of the new Star Wars films were doomed no matter what they put in that teaser trailer.  Fans were going to be ready for a fight.  We refuse to be scrapped across the cheese grader belief Hollywood has that "if you adapt it, fans will come". However, after watching the trailer a few times, I knew what the makers were probably going for.  Call it a sort of "Make the fans feels like its the old Stars Wars, but with lots of cool new shit too".  Yes the rolling droid is silly, the new light saber raises a lot of tactical questions, and we really don't get any sense of the plot.  We do however get some strong visuals of the worlds we are going to see, a snip it of a sinister figure, and a sense of fun coupled with the fact that the franchise has matured.  The creators had to pack a lot of punch into not a lot of time, so cut them some slack if it wasn't the most epic thing you've ever seen in your life.  It's a teaser trailer.  It is meant to TEASE not give you the over all plot.  It is supposed to leave you wondering so you will come back to see the full trailer.  And yes, there are probably some who were so underwhelmed that they aren't going back. I don't think that's going to break the movie though.  And I don't see this trailer as the first domino is a line of disappointment.  I see it as the trunk of possibilities that will hopefully branch out.  I am not going to totally freak out until I actually see the movie....or hear that Megan Fox is playing Princess Leia.

Now let us gather round and sum up where I'm going with all these babbles.  I think ultimately what I'm trying to say is don't take snip-its too seriously.  Yes, this is coming from a girl who is still boycotting TMNT after she heard some "fun facts" about the reboot, but that was a final nail in a coffin that Michael Bay had been building for quite sometime.  Right now Suicide Squad seems to have some great performers attached like Will Smith and Oscar winner Jared Leto and Star Wars: The Force Awakens is being directed and produced by J.J. Abrams, who I feel is a solid Sci-fi director.  Let's all for now just calm down, eat some sugar cookies, and be excited while we can.  After all, it's only a matter of time before Michael Bay tries to turn My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic into a live action film staring Megan Fox as Princess Twilight Sparkle and Danny Devito as Spike. So be goddamn thankful for what you have!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Vlog! It's My Birthday (Tomorrow)

A vlog about my birthday....that somehow turned into a babble about living life to its fullest!

Love you all lots!


Monday, October 20, 2014

Babbles of a Fangirl - How Do I Start Again? (Or New Beginnings)

I'm really good at making promises and letting life get in the way.  Correction!  I have a habit of making promises then getting really, really lazy.  I promised 31 blog posts.  That was a horrible promise from someone who has not wrote a consistent blog in over a year.  I thought I could fix it.   Quick! I'll just change my original entry to the "13 Days of Halloween" and to hell with sounding like I'm copying a beloved ABC Family tradition!  

Then I started thinking about this blog and why I started it.  I briefly touched in my last entry how hard it is when you know that no one is actually reading your stuff.  What's the point of writing something that no viewer (sans the few people you force to sit in front of your computer screen) are actually going to read?  I'd be lying if I said there wasn't some part of me that wanted this blog to take off and make me successful.  In my dream world viewers would come flocking to read the thoughts of a nerdy girl and be wowed by my fresh new take on writing.  Slowly I'd build a following and than start a youtube channel and go viral.  Soon monitoring my videos would lead to me writing and making videos for a living!  I'd finally be doing something I love for a living.  No longer would I be forced to make a 110 dreary calls everyday only to be told by people as old as time itself that I don't explain things correctly or that my voice is too soft.  I would finally be happy with my career.  I would finally feel like the gifts I was told I have weren't being wasted in a tiny cube where the phone never stops ringing.  

Alas, I have a really unfortunate habit of not doing anything if I am not either hit by strong inspiration or able to achieve perfection with my art. This habit started to buck its head badly about 5 years ago.  I have a few theories why but we'll save those for the day I cave and finally see a therapist.  For now I'm focusing on being happy with the simple act of making art and not souring it with the need to be perfect.  I'm terribly afraid of criticism and failure.  On the internet there is no limit to the amount of "input" you can receive on the stuff you create.  I have received so many nice comments on this blog from some wonderful people!  Many of you are also very talented writers and video makers and I consider it an honor to get your feedback.  That being said, I have another habit of letting one negative opinion make me crumble.  Almost a year ago I had someone commented on one of my youtube videos saying that I referenced that I had viewers, but I shouldn't say that because no one was watching.  I quickly deleted that comment and blocked that viewer.  Still, those words hit me pretty hard.  My views were starting to slump rather badly at that point.  Maybe I really was failing at this whole internet nerd stuff and I just needed to go away.  

Cut to another few months ago.  I decided to take a gamble and apply to write for a real website.  Maybe I could finally find my voice in a more professional setting.  I spoke with the person in charge and they seemed interested.  I emailed some of my ideas to them and then silence.  I never heard back to them.  Looking back I'm sure they just got busy with a lot of candidates and I just lost out.  At the time my thoughts were vastly different.  My mind has a habit of being rather loud for being in such a petite woman. Maybe it is true, the genius ideas I've been sitting on aren't all that genius and it is really time to go away.  Hence a hiatus of little writing and next to no videos.  

You know what?  I missed writing about whatever my heart desired.  I missed learning how to edit on my crappy Imovie editing software and shooting with my horrible web camera.  I missed creating something, throwing it out into the internet black hole and seeing if anything survived the cosmos.  I missed chatting it up with other creators on twitter who had great thoughts and ideas. 

But how to restart?  I felt like a failure slinking back into a room full of people that watched you leave.  That bring us back to the start of my little story.  I thought I could come back with a bang!  A crazy marathon of writing like a maniac for a month was sure to make up for my absence!   Now I see how that was not only unfair to any readers happy to have me back but unfair to myself. A mental change in how I view my writing was needed just as badly as a fresh start.  I can't be my worst critic anymore.  I can't be afraid of critics either.  I will never make it under the weight of either. 

I'm not perfect.  I don't know if I will ever have a consistent writing schedule or completely get over my fears of rejection, but I hope a few of you will have me back.  I think it is time to relaunch The Patchwork Nerd and take away the need for perfection.  Instead let's start out with just me, a humble nerd, hoping you enjoy what babbles I have to babble.  I'm going to hit the drawing board and I don't know what will stay the same and what will change.  If you have any input, please share!  Your thoughts will always be important to me, even if I try to take it all with a grain of salt.  Above all I promise you this, I will only keep going as long as I'm having fun.  If you see me stressed out or not having fun, throw me in the corner for a breather or push me into a pile of Fluttershy (Someday my spell check will know "Fluttershy" isn't a typo) plushies.  So here goes a new adventure and I hope to have at least a few of you with me!  

Thanks guys and gals!  Let's do this!


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The 31 Posts of Halloween - Day 1

The other day I was looking at my blog, thinking to myself "Oh yeah!  I have a blog I sometimes write!" In comparison to previous years, I have really dropped the ball with writing.  I will be honest, my excuse is still the same.  I'm working a lot.  My personal life is hectic.  Oh, and my lazy.  Really lazy.  There is no sense is sugar coating that trust.  This blog was my pride and joy a few years ago and I started to slack badly.  The main reason being that I wasn't getting many viewers, if any.  I thought to myself, "What's the point if no one is reading?"  Well I can't expect to get readers if I stop writing.  Also, though I love you few but faithful, I forgot the most important thing:  I started writing this blog for myself.  I had nerdy stories I wanted to tell and it was fun having a place I could put them.  So with all that babbling aside, it's time to get back to work. . . .

Introducing the 31 days of Halloween!  That's right!  For the entire month of October I will write a blog  or make a video,!   Will I succeed?  Will I write anything good or funny or noteworthy?  You will have to stick around to find out!  So here we go!  Today is just an introduction but coming tomorrow if your first look at the month of the spooky!  Tomorrow we talk about the scariest movie I have ever NOT SEEN!  Tomorrow is all about "Child's Play".


Monday, June 9, 2014

Babbles of a Fangirl - Betrayal at House on the Hill

On a dark night, you and your group of ragtag friends decide to enter the old house on top the hill.  You know not what awaits you once you enter the dusty foyer, but the uneasy knots in your stomach  and the setting of the sun make you certain that this isn't going to be a normal night.

A while back I watched an episode of the beloved show, Table Flip, that led me to my dream game.  Betrayal at House on the Hill takes my love of Clue combined with the  the suspense of any good horror movie and creates a game that changes not only the board every time you play, but the story you are submersed in.   The game consists of two phases.  In the first phase you explore the creepy mansion, revealing the haunted room, hidden objects, and frightening events awaiting you.  Eventually one of your friends turns traitor and a scenario is revealed, showing you what evils you must fight within the house.

My fiance by chance found this game after a hunt at a local game shop.  He unveiled the box to me with a flourish, adding to my delight that this game would finally be mine!  It was several weeks before we had the right group of friends assembled to play, but when we finally did, it was a glorious affair. I unwisely looked into a sinister book that corrupted my brain and made me determined to awaken a forbidden god from another realm.  My friends quickly began their efforts to stop my evil plan.  Alas, they snatched my book away and threw into in the flames of the basement furnace.  Thus, they freed me from my mission and stopped one of many evils that lingered in the house.

Betrayal is a great game if you like story based adventures or bone chilling horror.   If you are lucky enough to have the right group of friends playing, you can build on the games eery text and create a world so real you can feel cobwebs and dust settling on your chilled skin.  But never fear!  If you want to be silly, the game doesn't have to be a bump in the middle of the night!  Betrayal really becomes a game of whatever you put into it!  As long as you are having fun, good times will be had by all!  I can't wait until the next time I play.  I hope I will have more stories to report on my adventures through the house....that is....if the evil within doesn't get me first ;)


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Blogging about Life

Hi....hi.....hi.....hi???? Anyone still there?  Hands?

Okay so....

I've gotten engaged.  I've moved into a town house.  My dog is growing into a yellow, fluffy man.  And I still love pizza.

How have you been?


(Quick! Play me off!)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Importance of Touching Yourself

I didn't think I would ever tell anyone this story (outside of close family) let alone write about it, but I feel this is something I need to get out. This isn't a nerdy story. This isn't my usual rambles about movies or video games. This is a story, my story.  I hope you don't mind me sharing.

About a month ago I went to the doctors for a routine physical. I've always hated going to the doctor but I was overdue for a check up. In all honestly I was gearing myself for the news that I have an overactive thyroid, as it's been a trend in my family's medical history.  That coupled with my worry about drawing blood (it was my first time) were the only health concerns I could imagine.  I went through the motions, they checked my weight and height, asked me a million questions, poked this and prodded that, all in the most routine on manners.

Then the doctor had me dress in a gown so she could check my breasts.  It was amidst a standard, small talk conversation that the doctor nonchalantly asked me "Did you know there is a lump in your breast?"  I almost didn't hear what she had said.  I was so stunned by this observation.  There is very little history of breast cancer in my family and I am only twenty-three years old.  I shouldn't be worrying about lumps in my breasts...I'm too young.

Trying to keep my calm I told the doctor I had not noticed.

And then she checked the other side.  I had a lump in my other breast.  To say I was worried would be a lie.  I wasn't worried.  I wasn't processing anything she said.  I knew this couldn't be true.  It was as if my brain had decided to disconnect from my body and watch some strange girl turn into a wreck about her health.  I wasn't that girl.  I couldn't be that girl.

In a relaxed tone the doctor mentioned I would need an ultrasound to look at both my breasts.  That was the last of the conversation and it wasn't until later that my next appointment to get an ultrasound was set up.

I went through the time between hearing that news and the time of my ultrasound putting my health as far into the back of my mind as I could.  I knew if I sat and thought about it for any length of time, I would lose my cool.  I would break down and be too scared to get back up. Of course the occasional freak out popped out form me...but I was handling this news far better than I could have ever dreamed.  So I continued to distracted myself with happy thoughts.

And then guy Alex proposed.  Guy Alex of course knew about my the lump.  I really feel the lump had  0% to do with his decision to ask me to marry him.  In fact, I'm pretty sure the cogs were in motion long before we had the news.  But I couldn't have asked for better timing.  He had asked me about a week before my appointment for the ultrasound and the distractions of overwhelmingly good news helped me get through everything with ease.  Not to mention, having that glittery ring on my finger helped remind me that no matter what happened, good news or bad, I had a permanent partner in crime.

The night before the ultrasound was really when I was at my worst.  Guy Alex and I laid in bed, just about to go to sleep, when I told him how frightened I was.  He held me close, snuggled our pup, Willie, between us, and told me it would be okay.  I had troubles sleeping, but if it wasn't for his kind words I wouldn't have slept at all that night.

The day of the ultrasound finally came.  My boss had been out of the office the entire week before so I only could give her notice the day of that I would be gone for the afternoon at the doctors and I didn't know if I would be back for the end of the day.  Unfortunately, she was visibly unhappy that I would miss the last 2 1/2 hours of the day and verbally chastised me for going over the allotted 2 hours employees got for doctors appointments. I honestly didn't care.  If I got bad news, I wasn't going to want to go back to work.  If I got good news, I would want to hold my loved ones near and celebrate.

It's funny how professional one can become when they are speaking to doctors.  I work in a job where I am on the phone 95% of my day so I know how to talk professionally.  I felt so adult explaining my story to the doctor and nurse while using my big girl voice.  My Mom thankfully went with me and I wanted nothing more to turn into a puddle and beg her for all the hugs and lollypops I could ever ask for, but I knew I needed to be strong, if not for myself than for her.  I mean, how scary would it be to be a parent, watch your babies grow up into real, breathing adults, and then watch them confront a serious medical problem head on?  If I were that parent I would be terrified.  So I shut up despite my desire to cry my eyes out and scream "WHY ME?!?!" and instead focused on showing my Mom the engagement ring guy Alex had got me and made small talk about what to expect in my appointment.

The nurse was close to my age, so I really felt like I had to be an adult.  I took off everything above my stomach (except my engagement ring, which really gave me comfort) and let the nurse do her job. I thought the gel they use for ultrasounds would be freezing cold.  It's not.  You almost don't feel it because of the of the soothingly neutral temperature. Next the nurse brought in the doctor and she too inspected my breasts and spoke in one of the most relaxed voices I have ever heard.  She showed me where my rib cage was and pointed out my heart beat.  I couldn't help myself and when she showed me the thump, thumping of my heart all I could say was, "I really need to relax!"  We all laughed.

The doctor finished up and smiled.

"I don't see anything of concern.  You have a small cyst, but that's it."

I smiled.  I breathed.  I was okay.  I could finally focus on planning our wedding.  I could talk to my Mom with out worrying I would scare her.  I was healthy.  I don't have breast cancer. 

The rest of that day focused on happy thoughts and smiles.  It isn't until something so frightening happens that you really start to see all your other worries are so damn small in the grand scheme of things. Even now, looking back on it I don't think I fully understand how lucky I am.  I had two lumps, one in each breast and I got out of this situation, healthy and okay.  I try not to fathom the many of woman who don't get so lucky because that could easily have been me.

I'm not going to nag you to check yourself.  I'm not going to nag you to get routine physicals.  I'm just going to leave you with this, life is scary, but it is also beautiful.  You can get the worst news and the next day have the happiest moment of your life.  The bad will happen and it might not be for a reason or grand plan in the universe, but it can have an impact on you.  You decide the impact bad moments have on your life.  You can ignore them and stay the same.  You can let them push you down until you crumble.  Or maybe, just maybe, you can keep your smiling going and use it to make you stronger and happier.  I have often crumbled from tragedies but after a while you get tired of letting yourself fall down.  Even though you may be crushed a thousand times by life, if you stand up you will be surprised what waits for you.  I am standing now and I am happy. I can see everything waiting for me, waiting for my life and I can't wait to keep going.

I love you guys.  I will try to get back to my writing schedule.  For now, just do me a favor....and smile!

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Tootles xoxo

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Let's Play a Game!

So I'm kind of writing this in my iPhone because it is going to be a crazy night but gosh darn it I said I would post every Thursday and I'm sick of being a liar!  I am fresh out of quick article ideas that don't involve me posting a bunch of pictures, so how about we make a deal? I will write about whatever you guys want. Just post your idea to my twitter @ThePatchwrkNerd and use #williethepup I will put all the suggestions in a hat and chose one at random. I might even make a video about it!

1. Keep it clean. I'm fine with swearing but nothing dirty please! 
2. Nothing mean, I will not write about why so and so sucks....unless its Michael Bay
3. Have fun! More than one suggestion is welcomed!

Let the games begin!

Okay one puppy pic!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Sooooooo.....I have been home from work (for once) because I have had a combo of the throw-ups and the grinding stomachs that have made my day somewhat difficult.  That being said, it's hard to must up the energy for any deep, insightful articles this week.  I, however, am determined to get back to some form of writing schedule even though I'm 90% sure most on my followers have stopped reading.  I have no one to blame but myself for not making the time that is need to keep a blog going.  All I can do it move forward and try to be better.   So here is my attempt at an article even though I'm ready to pass out. I give you pictures of my pup, Willie!!!!

I suffer for my art <3

Donut Dog <3

We call this his laundry basket.  It's actually his kennel condensed for travel

Oh hai Mah!

Le Woof.

Just being one with da bed!

You're welcome!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Down the Tubes - Hotdiggedydemon

Introducing something that was going to be a youtube show but, due to my limitations as an editor, we are going to instead enjoy in text format!  Welcome to Down the Tubes!  This is where I talk about a collection of youtube videos, youtubers, or youtube trends I enjoy!  We are starting my series the best way I know how....with ponies.


Before all of you anti-pony people go get into your cars and drive off the nearest cliff, give me a chance to explain myself.  One, this is about MLP parody.  Two, this is something the whole family can enjoy. Well... the whole family minus the the kids.  Don't show these videos to your kids unless you enjoy seeing them cry.  Which I'm sure some of you darling sickos do.

I got started watching Hotdiggedydemon around the time I started really falling for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  I was frequently on youtube not only to listen to whatever song from the show was stuck in my head, but to find anything pony related created by fans.  If you can't appreciate the show, you can at least have the heart to appreciate the dedication and creativity of it's fans.  None so much as delivers that sidesplitting creativity the same way Hotdiggedydemon does in his .Mov series.

It all started with a lot of apples.

I wish I got a recording of other Alex watching this video for the first time.  I have never seen anyone laugh so hard in all of my life. is strange, random and sincerely funny.  It takes something as simple and stupid as a pony eating what is medically defined as "a shit ton of apples" and turns it into  the same random humor you would find in a nostalgic Ren and Stimpy cartoon....but with less butt touching. explores the the type of pony you would expect Rarity to be on her worst of days.  It also introduces the story arc that remains for the rest of the season of Discord, the god of chaos, destroying Equestria and Twilight Sparkle needs the "helements or armory" to fix things.  Our first stop is a search through the generous Rarity's boutique where rev-o-luuuu-tion is about to begin.  Also, more bad times for Paco! 

I'm not going to play favorites.  I am an honest reviewer who can look past my bias towards Fluttershy being the best pony and objectively look at this series.  With that said.  This is the best episode of the series.  Just....just watch it.  You won't be able to stop quoting it.  I know other Alex and his friend sure as hell haven't been able to ever since he showed them this after I showed it to him.  Watch it now.  Just remember to stay out of my shed. 

Ever feel like Twilight Sparkle was a pretentious nag? WELL I HAVE AN EPISODE FOR YOU!  A lovely combination of Twilight not being as smart as she thinks she is combined with Spike constantly cracking one liners while embracing his favorite addiction "cough" smoking pot "cough" we see an episode that is sure to make you giggle. 

"I think I'm getting my period."
Enough said.

Who knew that a series full of a bunch of drunk and disgusting ponies could have such an epic ending worthy of a Meatloaf album cover?  Don't get me wrong, the dastardly vulgar humor you know and love is still intact, but with a polish that show Hotdiggedydemon obvious grew as an artist throughout the series.  Though this episode might not be the funniest (....sheddddddddd) it certainly is the best in terms of technical achievement.  The art is just plain beautiful and you can't help but have a little heartstring pulled by this final story.  

Overall the .mov series is something any pony or non-pony lover can enjoy.  It has a fun sense of humor combining inside jokes with fresh material to captivate any eager viewer.  Don't pass this up because it's ponies.  Who knows, it might just be your gateway drug into a crazy world of technicolor ponies. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Babbles of a Fangirl - Getting Youtube Songs Stuck in Your Head....FOREVER!

Hello Boys, Girls, and everyone in between!

So I have been abscent for a while (again) and I'm starting to discover I freeze up when I'm obligated to talk about something.  So for now, all articles are going to be a pleasant surprise.  Keep in mind though, I will make sure to update once a week, probably Thursday or Sunday.  With that said, let's babble about youtube!

I watch more youtube than a normal person should.  Some might call it an addiction, others an antidrug but me, I call it ernest (Jontron joke). So I thought I'd share some of the videos I've watched more times than I've ever wanted to admit.  Some are just too funny to only watch once.  Others get stuck in my head so much so that rewatching is the only means I have to combat my brain.  I hope you enjoy, watch, love, and then curse my name when these songs pop into your dreams and 3:00 a.m. and you wake screaming, "CURSE YOU PATCHWORK!"

Dumb Ways to Die 

Who's in the mood for a catchy, adorably morbid song?!  I AM!  A funny little tune born in Australia, Dumb Ways to Die will make you smile no matter how hard you try to acknowledge how horrible it is.  And even if it is meant to be educational, you'll not feel tricked.  Instead you will 100% of the time say, "WHY DON'T WE HAVE COMMERCIALS THIS AWESOME IN AMERICA?!?!?!"

Disney Ever After
By: Paint

Ever wonder what happend to your favorite Disney gals after they road off into the sunset?  Forget about their terrible sequels, this song got the facts straight!  Ranging from horrible, to unfortunate, to just plain tragic, you can't help but really feel this is probably what would have happened to these girls after all their "dreams came true".  

Warning: The next time you hear, "Under the Sea", "Prince Ali", "Bonjour", or "Colors of the Wind" you will find yourself replacing the lyrics with the ones from this song. 

You've been warned. 

Ladies of Rap: TV Moms (ft. Aimee Teegarden & Jason Horton)

Oh if ever there were ladies who rapped after my own heart, these awkward kids would be it!  Starring some of my favorite tv moms, I can't help but smile, laugh, and thank god I'm not pregnant.  

Ignorance is Bliss 
By: Jellyfish

Apparently this strange little gem originated from Newgrounds but its original video has all but vanished.  I don't fully understand why they are talking about Bowser becoming an oil tycoon, but I'm too busy singing along to over think it.  Maybe they are confusing you to prove their point, ignorance IS bliss!

Turn Me On - Console Wars (Nicki Manaj Parody) 

I've never been a fan of sexualizing women to sell a product or to quickly get the attention of gamers.  Dang it though this song is so catchy and clever I can look past the skimpy dresses and see it for what it is, a funny play on words taking about the age old battle of the consoles.  This was made before the Xbox 101 and Playstation 87 so don't freak out about it being outdated.  Ps: the ending is soooo true!

The Eevee Song

Perhaps it's fitting that two of my choices features the ever-so-radiant Dodger!  The funny thing is that although she stars in both Turn Me On and The Eevee Song, this is not content from either of her channels.  I will have to amend that with a indeph look as this lovely lady at another time.  I remember when I was a little girl (who watched pokemon everyday after school) I really liked Eevee.  But when my older sister declared eevee was her favorite pokemon I just had to be different and forgot about my furry friend.  All these years later this song make me laugh and sing along like I've always known the words.  I think you will me singing along too, before long!

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Harley Quinn Month - Mad Love & Why Do We Make Art?

 Why do we make art? You could say we make because we must. I, though, make it hoping that someday it will be the loan means to my survival. ----A Love Letter to Myself

We have finally come to a piece of art that has a deep, personal connection with me on so many levels. I admire the story of Mad Love not only for its introspection on the character Harley Quinn, but for the tragic, cautionary tale it spins about falling in and out of love. Mad Love is the graphic novel and episode of Batman: The Animated Series that recalls the past history of Harley Quinn, how she became who she is, and what her actions did to influence her current Gotham status.

In short, (You can watch the episode for all the details) Harley Quinn reflects on how she ended up with the Joker despite having a successful career as a psycholgist.  Amongst her flashbacks she is trying to find a way to both impress Mr. J and finally take care of her bat problem after many botched attempts to get Batman.  We see the tragic tale of how Ms. Quinn worked as the Joker's dedicated psychologist whose compassion turned to obsession until she finally freed the Joker from Arkham Asylum and began her life of crime.  At the end of the episode, Harley successfully captures Batman and plans to take care of him so her and Mr. J can finally live happily ever after.  For a moment we think she is going to finally rid Gotham of the caped crusader until through some batty tricks the Joker arrives and would rather frown for all eternity than see his girlfriend get his kill.  We proceed to Batman getting free, the Joker escaping, and poor Harley being pushed out of a window by the man she thought she loved.

The episode closes with a badly injured Harley reflected on her mistakes with the Joker.  She vows to herself that she will never fall for his tricks again.  Just as she is about to rest she looks over to her nightstand.  On top it is a is a rose with a message: Feel Better Soon. - J.

Since this is the internet,  I'm not to afraid of getting personal.  I sort of see throwing any sort of thought into the internet much the same as throwing it into space.  There are so many other stars out there, burning so brightly. What chance do you even have of your own light being seen?  With that said, I have struggled with my self-esteem for a handful of years now.  I identify with Harley because she is a strong, confident girl that lets the opinions of others nearly cripple her to the point of destruction.  Her actions in this episode come from trying to get someone's attention, instead of to push herself forward.  That reminds me of why I even bother to write or make videos on the internet. Do I do it to propel my own self worth?  Or do I do it in the hopes that someone in this troll filled void will hear me, find my work inspiring, and remind me that this isn't just for nothing.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a writer.  There were no other careers I thought about because I was going to be a writer. Nothing was going to stand in my way.  Now here I am, 23 years of age, working a job I absolutely hate and writing nearly nothing.  Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by this lack of success that I freeze up.  Half the time my blog posts are late because I stare at the computer screen, realizing that nothing I write is going to be anywhere near as good as other bloggers and writers out there.  What is the point in writing if it is not going to be the best? 

And then I slap myself upside the head (as I often have to do).

Rereading my own words provides the most beautiful of wake up calls.  My words will never be the best.  Any and all of my art will never be the best, but that does not make it unworthy of the creation.  Creating is done out of the sheer need to do so.  We must not make in the name of becoming note worthy or to satisfy some need for attention.  No, we must create because we must. Of course it is necessary to want to please an audience.  There would be no point to posting my writing if I stopped caring what all of you think.  I must not expect the worst for it though.  When I see that my post has only reach a handful of people, I cant let that get me down.  When you put a painting on the wall and only a few people stop to look at it, don't assume it is ugly.  Do what you love in the hope that others will love it too, but do not do it to make others love you.  Harley is a clear example of that.

Now I just remember the cautionary tale of darling Harley Quinn and not let my epiphany be cast aside for repeating a dangerous cycle.

Next week, more Harley!  Two blogs a week coming soon.

Please leave me your thoughts.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Harley Quinn Month - Joker's Favor

Here we are!  It is 2014 and with a new year comes new goals for this site!  Not only do I plan to make more youtube videos on my channel, but I also am going to be more faithful to my writing schedule.  I know I have struggled to remain consistent in the past (due to work and life and such) but I feel that this is going to be the greatest year yet for all of my rambles, babbles, and content creation.  So what better way to start this year off than by keeping a promise I made in my Harley Quinn article I did a few months ago.  Ladies and gents, in honor of my favorite Gotham Siren, this is Harley Quinn Month!
Do us a favor?  More Harley, please!

Our first stop is going to begin at the beginning (that some mighty fine English, I say ya'll!) combined with the slickest history report you ever did saw (there goes that college edu-ma-cation of mine again).

Once upon a time there was a scene in Batman: The Animated Series in an episode titles "Joker's Favor" where the writers decided that the Joker was going to pop out of a cake and cause his usual havoc.  Along the way someone declared it might be too odd for the Joker to pop out of said cake (even though this is the JOKER we are talking about) and thought a female companion might be a better fit for the duty.  The female character was added, but inevitable the Joker was not to be upstaged and he was put back in his rightful place of popping from out the cake.  The lovely lady still stuck around for the entire duration of the episode and her place in the world of Gotham City was forever planted.  She put on her gleeful jester costume and snuggled close to her puddin', ready to take on the world! Yes, that is how our darling, Harley Quinn, was born.

It is fair to say that Paul Dini (writer, producer, and editor of Batman: The Animated Series) is the father of this beloved lady.  Although she was only planned to be a one time character, Harley left such an impression that she was permanently placed in the rogues gallery as not only the Joker's on and off girlfriend, but as her own leading lady.  Her voice was originally done by Arleen Sorkin and has since been voiced by Tara Strong in Batman: Arkham City.  Throughout all of her adaptations she has been able to hold her own amongst the many memorable characters in the Batman universe.  There were even several episodes of the cartoon in which she was the featured character.  Additionally, fans have developed such a strong love for her, that there are many creations to show off her back story and give her time in the spotlight.

Next week we will dive in the story that really brought Harley into the light, her back story as seen in the comic and television episode by the same name, "Mad Love".