Thursday, January 2, 2014

Harley Quinn Month - Joker's Favor

Here we are!  It is 2014 and with a new year comes new goals for this site!  Not only do I plan to make more youtube videos on my channel, but I also am going to be more faithful to my writing schedule.  I know I have struggled to remain consistent in the past (due to work and life and such) but I feel that this is going to be the greatest year yet for all of my rambles, babbles, and content creation.  So what better way to start this year off than by keeping a promise I made in my Harley Quinn article I did a few months ago.  Ladies and gents, in honor of my favorite Gotham Siren, this is Harley Quinn Month!
Do us a favor?  More Harley, please!

Our first stop is going to begin at the beginning (that some mighty fine English, I say ya'll!) combined with the slickest history report you ever did saw (there goes that college edu-ma-cation of mine again).

Once upon a time there was a scene in Batman: The Animated Series in an episode titles "Joker's Favor" where the writers decided that the Joker was going to pop out of a cake and cause his usual havoc.  Along the way someone declared it might be too odd for the Joker to pop out of said cake (even though this is the JOKER we are talking about) and thought a female companion might be a better fit for the duty.  The female character was added, but inevitable the Joker was not to be upstaged and he was put back in his rightful place of popping from out the cake.  The lovely lady still stuck around for the entire duration of the episode and her place in the world of Gotham City was forever planted.  She put on her gleeful jester costume and snuggled close to her puddin', ready to take on the world! Yes, that is how our darling, Harley Quinn, was born.

It is fair to say that Paul Dini (writer, producer, and editor of Batman: The Animated Series) is the father of this beloved lady.  Although she was only planned to be a one time character, Harley left such an impression that she was permanently placed in the rogues gallery as not only the Joker's on and off girlfriend, but as her own leading lady.  Her voice was originally done by Arleen Sorkin and has since been voiced by Tara Strong in Batman: Arkham City.  Throughout all of her adaptations she has been able to hold her own amongst the many memorable characters in the Batman universe.  There were even several episodes of the cartoon in which she was the featured character.  Additionally, fans have developed such a strong love for her, that there are many creations to show off her back story and give her time in the spotlight.

Next week we will dive in the story that really brought Harley into the light, her back story as seen in the comic and television episode by the same name, "Mad Love".

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