Monday, December 3, 2012

The "Fake Nerd Girl" Debate

Fine...fine....FINE. I am fine-ally going to weigh in on something that has been irking me for sometime now. Yes, I might get rant-y....I might even get preachy, but gosh darn-it something needs to be said about this.

Fake nerd girls.

Now I don't really know where this comes from (or really care for that matter) but I have to say a few things about it. I'm a girl. I'm a girl who identifies herself as being a "nerd". Why? I call myself a nerd because I have often lacked social skills with others because I'm more dedicated to my interests and passions. It wasn't until quite recent that I began coming out of my book fort to discover that there were a lot of like minded people on the internet who I could talk to about this sort of thing without feeling judged. Hence, this blog.

Now there is some talk that there are girls on the internet who are "fake nerds" doing it for attention and what not. Now this strikes a chord with me on two accounts. I don't want any nerd girls out their to feel like they don't belong because they are considered "fake". With that said, I don't like the idea that there are some PEOPLE out their who are using the guise of nerd to either troll or take advantage of a culture that has time and time again gave me a sense of belonging in this world.

I guess what I really take issue with is that anyone would think that I, only any nerdy girl like me would chose to fake being a nerd. Think of it this way. Now a days, it's socially acceptable to be a nerd.  But back when I was younger (I know, it was so long ago) it really wasn't.  I went to a small, private school where I really didn't fit in because I was to busy writing fantasy stories and drawing Lord of the Rings-esque characters in my notebook to bother with Hilary Duff and the like. Still, I kept everything I did very private. I remember when I first really learned about superheroes from a special on the History Channel called Comic Book Superheroes, Unmasked. I suddenly became obsessed with learning everything I could about superheroes, but only within my means because I was too afraid to ask my parents to buy me a comic book. I began watching The Justice League and X-men in secret to learn everything I could about these enchanting characters.  I didn't know the extent of my secrecy until one day in my reading class. My teacher would give us treats for finding vocabulary words used in television shows or books. I had recently heard the word "thwart" on an episode of The Justice League.  I was about to raise my hand to share the word when I realized that by doing so, I would tell the whole class about my love of superheroes.  I kept my hand down, afraid of being even weirder than I already was.  I'm glad to say that I embrace who I was and am now.  That it because the internet is such a free place where someone is bound to judge you, but their are plenty of others (or a faithful few C;) who will be quick to step in and support you.

Now do you think that maybe the sudden influx of nerd girls is coming from the fake that it is now acceptable for girls to declare that they love Star Wars in a world where they once would have automatically ostracized for saying so? I certainly will say that the rise of gamer girls made me want to express my love of video games!  Sure, there will always be people who try to exploit a trend for what ever their reasons, but should we really let a few drops of deception spoil it for all those girls out their who finally have a voice?

I really hope that you will try or will continue to give nerdy girls a chance.  This nerdy girl will surely try to cast a positive impression upon the impressionable being that is the internet.  And I can promise you this, you will NEVER see me posing provocatively with a game controller (sorry if that disappoints a few of you).

Now here's a nerd/gamer girl I aspire to be!

Tootles Darlings!