Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The 31 Posts of Halloween - Day 1

The other day I was looking at my blog, thinking to myself "Oh yeah!  I have a blog I sometimes write!" In comparison to previous years, I have really dropped the ball with writing.  I will be honest, my excuse is still the same.  I'm working a lot.  My personal life is hectic.  Oh, and my lazy.  Really lazy.  There is no sense is sugar coating that trust.  This blog was my pride and joy a few years ago and I started to slack badly.  The main reason being that I wasn't getting many viewers, if any.  I thought to myself, "What's the point if no one is reading?"  Well I can't expect to get readers if I stop writing.  Also, though I love you few but faithful, I forgot the most important thing:  I started writing this blog for myself.  I had nerdy stories I wanted to tell and it was fun having a place I could put them.  So with all that babbling aside, it's time to get back to work. . . .

Introducing the 31 days of Halloween!  That's right!  For the entire month of October I will write a blog  or make a video,!   Will I succeed?  Will I write anything good or funny or noteworthy?  You will have to stick around to find out!  So here we go!  Today is just an introduction but coming tomorrow if your first look at the month of the spooky!  Tomorrow we talk about the scariest movie I have ever NOT SEEN!  Tomorrow is all about "Child's Play".


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  1. I know the feeling of wondering if its worth continuing blogging if nobody is reading and I feel for you. I was getting 200 or 300 page views a day a few years back now this week alone Iv done 2 posts that received only 5 page views.At this point I feel like Im blogging just to entertain myself.