Thursday, February 20, 2014

Down the Tubes - Hotdiggedydemon

Introducing something that was going to be a youtube show but, due to my limitations as an editor, we are going to instead enjoy in text format!  Welcome to Down the Tubes!  This is where I talk about a collection of youtube videos, youtubers, or youtube trends I enjoy!  We are starting my series the best way I know how....with ponies.


Before all of you anti-pony people go get into your cars and drive off the nearest cliff, give me a chance to explain myself.  One, this is about MLP parody.  Two, this is something the whole family can enjoy. Well... the whole family minus the the kids.  Don't show these videos to your kids unless you enjoy seeing them cry.  Which I'm sure some of you darling sickos do.

I got started watching Hotdiggedydemon around the time I started really falling for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  I was frequently on youtube not only to listen to whatever song from the show was stuck in my head, but to find anything pony related created by fans.  If you can't appreciate the show, you can at least have the heart to appreciate the dedication and creativity of it's fans.  None so much as delivers that sidesplitting creativity the same way Hotdiggedydemon does in his .Mov series.

It all started with a lot of apples.

I wish I got a recording of other Alex watching this video for the first time.  I have never seen anyone laugh so hard in all of my life. is strange, random and sincerely funny.  It takes something as simple and stupid as a pony eating what is medically defined as "a shit ton of apples" and turns it into  the same random humor you would find in a nostalgic Ren and Stimpy cartoon....but with less butt touching. explores the the type of pony you would expect Rarity to be on her worst of days.  It also introduces the story arc that remains for the rest of the season of Discord, the god of chaos, destroying Equestria and Twilight Sparkle needs the "helements or armory" to fix things.  Our first stop is a search through the generous Rarity's boutique where rev-o-luuuu-tion is about to begin.  Also, more bad times for Paco! 

I'm not going to play favorites.  I am an honest reviewer who can look past my bias towards Fluttershy being the best pony and objectively look at this series.  With that said.  This is the best episode of the series.  Just....just watch it.  You won't be able to stop quoting it.  I know other Alex and his friend sure as hell haven't been able to ever since he showed them this after I showed it to him.  Watch it now.  Just remember to stay out of my shed. 

Ever feel like Twilight Sparkle was a pretentious nag? WELL I HAVE AN EPISODE FOR YOU!  A lovely combination of Twilight not being as smart as she thinks she is combined with Spike constantly cracking one liners while embracing his favorite addiction "cough" smoking pot "cough" we see an episode that is sure to make you giggle. 

"I think I'm getting my period."
Enough said.

Who knew that a series full of a bunch of drunk and disgusting ponies could have such an epic ending worthy of a Meatloaf album cover?  Don't get me wrong, the dastardly vulgar humor you know and love is still intact, but with a polish that show Hotdiggedydemon obvious grew as an artist throughout the series.  Though this episode might not be the funniest (....sheddddddddd) it certainly is the best in terms of technical achievement.  The art is just plain beautiful and you can't help but have a little heartstring pulled by this final story.  

Overall the .mov series is something any pony or non-pony lover can enjoy.  It has a fun sense of humor combining inside jokes with fresh material to captivate any eager viewer.  Don't pass this up because it's ponies.  Who knows, it might just be your gateway drug into a crazy world of technicolor ponies. 

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