Monday, June 9, 2014

Babbles of a Fangirl - Betrayal at House on the Hill

On a dark night, you and your group of ragtag friends decide to enter the old house on top the hill.  You know not what awaits you once you enter the dusty foyer, but the uneasy knots in your stomach  and the setting of the sun make you certain that this isn't going to be a normal night.

A while back I watched an episode of the beloved show, Table Flip, that led me to my dream game.  Betrayal at House on the Hill takes my love of Clue combined with the  the suspense of any good horror movie and creates a game that changes not only the board every time you play, but the story you are submersed in.   The game consists of two phases.  In the first phase you explore the creepy mansion, revealing the haunted room, hidden objects, and frightening events awaiting you.  Eventually one of your friends turns traitor and a scenario is revealed, showing you what evils you must fight within the house.

My fiance by chance found this game after a hunt at a local game shop.  He unveiled the box to me with a flourish, adding to my delight that this game would finally be mine!  It was several weeks before we had the right group of friends assembled to play, but when we finally did, it was a glorious affair. I unwisely looked into a sinister book that corrupted my brain and made me determined to awaken a forbidden god from another realm.  My friends quickly began their efforts to stop my evil plan.  Alas, they snatched my book away and threw into in the flames of the basement furnace.  Thus, they freed me from my mission and stopped one of many evils that lingered in the house.

Betrayal is a great game if you like story based adventures or bone chilling horror.   If you are lucky enough to have the right group of friends playing, you can build on the games eery text and create a world so real you can feel cobwebs and dust settling on your chilled skin.  But never fear!  If you want to be silly, the game doesn't have to be a bump in the middle of the night!  Betrayal really becomes a game of whatever you put into it!  As long as you are having fun, good times will be had by all!  I can't wait until the next time I play.  I hope I will have more stories to report on my adventures through the house....that is....if the evil within doesn't get me first ;)


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