Thursday, March 6, 2014

Let's Play a Game!

So I'm kind of writing this in my iPhone because it is going to be a crazy night but gosh darn it I said I would post every Thursday and I'm sick of being a liar!  I am fresh out of quick article ideas that don't involve me posting a bunch of pictures, so how about we make a deal? I will write about whatever you guys want. Just post your idea to my twitter @ThePatchwrkNerd and use #williethepup I will put all the suggestions in a hat and chose one at random. I might even make a video about it!

1. Keep it clean. I'm fine with swearing but nothing dirty please! 
2. Nothing mean, I will not write about why so and so sucks....unless its Michael Bay
3. Have fun! More than one suggestion is welcomed!

Let the games begin!

Okay one puppy pic!