Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Impressions: Batman- Arkham City

To be completely honest I haven’t had much time to delve with extreme dedication into any games. There have been starts here and there, but one must understand that I am working under difficult conditions that being my availability to watch and my gamer’s time to play. Once finals are said and done we will be able to jump back into the portals (HINT HINT) of gaming- I promise!

For now I will do my best to feed you with my initial thoughts of Batman: Arkham City. It pains me to not fully dive down the rabbit hole of this game nonstop-especially after the gaming orgasm (Yes, that is the best way to phrase it!) that was Batman: Arkham Asylum- but I will take what I can get.

I’ve had high expectations for this game for a long time. Then again, I expect anything with the name Batman on it to be nothing less than a god sent, sans anything in the dreaded Schumacher stages :Cringes:. I guess you can say that after Nolan’s Batman franchise was born we Batman fans have been damn near spoiled. We expect everything to be perfect when it features the Dark Knight, and thank god for Arkham Asylum’s sake, this game delivers. But what about this sequel? We have seen more often than not where sequels take a big, dramatic, Disney villain -esque fall in the pits of shit land. It’s a magic place where Batman has nipples on his suit, Secret of Nim rat’s become mad scientists, and it’s okay to make the Rockbitter sing “Born to Be Wild” :stares fondly at gun:. So how does this game hold up?

To answer simply, it’s Batman.

Still confused? You shouldn’t be. It’s BATMAN!

We really need to consider making Batman a verb. It would really help prove my point. Here I’ll try my best

Batman /Batma’n/

Verb (pl. -men)

to both literally and figuratively kick ass to the point of mind-blowing awesome-ness.

It’s a work in progress, but at least I’m trying! Even though I have only begun the game, I promise you it’s a viewing experience like no other. THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD KIDDIES! ABORT THE RIDE NOW!

We start off with Bruce Wayne (yeah that rich guy) making a speech about how Gotham’s alternative to Arkham Asylum, called Arkham City, is about as effective as injecting a patient with fruit punch Koolaid to treat severe blood loss. He means to fix this problem. Not long after saying this he is arrested and taken to the city (I’m sure this will in no way reflect poorly on the Gotham legal system!) where he meets the head doctor and controller of Arkham, Dr. Hugo Strange (With a name like that, we have to be in good hands!). Not to give too much away, Hugo is on to Bruce’s “little secret” and sends the believed to be bumbling billionaire (despite having the freakin body of a juggernaut!) into the city. Not too long after we spring into Batman mode and need to figure out what Strange’s evil plan is amongst putting up with the many characters (AKA: SCREAMING NUT BALLS) that inhabit the city.

As far as watch-ability (Yes, Teacher, I’m SURE that is a word!), this games most of the time plays more like a movie than a game. You can use your radio to tune in on badies private conversations, so even if you’re stuck waiting for your player to finish leveling up some equipment or mastering a new trick, you’ve got plot related dialogue to entertain you. There a old favorites from the original game :cough: Quinn :cough: as well as fresh looks on some old favorites that didn’t show their beautiful, though sometimes disfigured, faces in the first one. You will be entertained by the mystery of it all, as well as how a lot of little stories eventually connect. There new tricks to familiar side quests like the Riddler’s challenges, so you won’t feel like you’re just rinsing and repeating.

If you need to watch someone play a game non-stop for three to eight hours, this one is the ticket. You will be satisfied with the story and not feel like you’re just watching someone button mash bullets through eighty thousand monsters. So get going my peoples to the city! We freaks need to stick together!

An Intro to an Impressionable Young Lady

I feel that some introductions are necessary before we dive in. First off, welcome to Beside the Controller! For those of you new to the site, this is a blog dedicated to a rarely covered view of video games- beside the person playing them. I have been a fan of games my entire life, but have never had a knack for playing them. I’m a naturally uptight person and the pressure of having to make quick decisions and a lack of hand-eye coordination has never made gaming bow well for me! Instead, I actually have more enjoyment watching others play videogames then playing them myself. OH CRAP- LOOK OUT! It’s flashback/story time!

Once upon a time I was a little girl with an older sister who rarely gave up the controller. I was okay with this and contently sat beside her, watching as stories like The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, and Yoshi’s Island seeped into my impressionable brain. Soon I found myself sitting beside my Father, spewing out all the advice I could gather from the walkthrough manuals we had purchased for our Nintendo 64 games! Fast forward to present day and I still will sit happily beside whoever wants to play. I often have people shoving controllers in my face, certain that I have to be secretly upset to not get my turn. I politely push the controllers aside, pat them on the head, and warn them they forgot to pause and Glados is about to shoot them into deep space (sorry, currently watching a LOT of Portal 2…and though I haven’t seen her do that yet, I wouldn’t be surprised).

So hear is my perspective on the games I love so much! I will have little to say about actual controls and my views on game play may be limited. Being a game-watcher (we’re going to make that word now, spell check!) I focus mainly on storyline and a game’s atmosphere. If a game can make me perch forward on the couch in suspense or hide under a pillow from looming danger, it’s doing a good job!

All in all, I have a lot to say about videogames and I hope to keep you entertained. So sit back, put the controller aside, and let the games roll in!

Now deploying smooth jazz in 3 – 2 – 1 ….GO!