Sunday, February 16, 2014

Babbles of a Fangirl - Getting Youtube Songs Stuck in Your Head....FOREVER!

Hello Boys, Girls, and everyone in between!

So I have been abscent for a while (again) and I'm starting to discover I freeze up when I'm obligated to talk about something.  So for now, all articles are going to be a pleasant surprise.  Keep in mind though, I will make sure to update once a week, probably Thursday or Sunday.  With that said, let's babble about youtube!

I watch more youtube than a normal person should.  Some might call it an addiction, others an antidrug but me, I call it ernest (Jontron joke). So I thought I'd share some of the videos I've watched more times than I've ever wanted to admit.  Some are just too funny to only watch once.  Others get stuck in my head so much so that rewatching is the only means I have to combat my brain.  I hope you enjoy, watch, love, and then curse my name when these songs pop into your dreams and 3:00 a.m. and you wake screaming, "CURSE YOU PATCHWORK!"

Dumb Ways to Die 

Who's in the mood for a catchy, adorably morbid song?!  I AM!  A funny little tune born in Australia, Dumb Ways to Die will make you smile no matter how hard you try to acknowledge how horrible it is.  And even if it is meant to be educational, you'll not feel tricked.  Instead you will 100% of the time say, "WHY DON'T WE HAVE COMMERCIALS THIS AWESOME IN AMERICA?!?!?!"

Disney Ever After
By: Paint

Ever wonder what happend to your favorite Disney gals after they road off into the sunset?  Forget about their terrible sequels, this song got the facts straight!  Ranging from horrible, to unfortunate, to just plain tragic, you can't help but really feel this is probably what would have happened to these girls after all their "dreams came true".  

Warning: The next time you hear, "Under the Sea", "Prince Ali", "Bonjour", or "Colors of the Wind" you will find yourself replacing the lyrics with the ones from this song. 

You've been warned. 

Ladies of Rap: TV Moms (ft. Aimee Teegarden & Jason Horton)

Oh if ever there were ladies who rapped after my own heart, these awkward kids would be it!  Starring some of my favorite tv moms, I can't help but smile, laugh, and thank god I'm not pregnant.  

Ignorance is Bliss 
By: Jellyfish

Apparently this strange little gem originated from Newgrounds but its original video has all but vanished.  I don't fully understand why they are talking about Bowser becoming an oil tycoon, but I'm too busy singing along to over think it.  Maybe they are confusing you to prove their point, ignorance IS bliss!

Turn Me On - Console Wars (Nicki Manaj Parody) 

I've never been a fan of sexualizing women to sell a product or to quickly get the attention of gamers.  Dang it though this song is so catchy and clever I can look past the skimpy dresses and see it for what it is, a funny play on words taking about the age old battle of the consoles.  This was made before the Xbox 101 and Playstation 87 so don't freak out about it being outdated.  Ps: the ending is soooo true!

The Eevee Song

Perhaps it's fitting that two of my choices features the ever-so-radiant Dodger!  The funny thing is that although she stars in both Turn Me On and The Eevee Song, this is not content from either of her channels.  I will have to amend that with a indeph look as this lovely lady at another time.  I remember when I was a little girl (who watched pokemon everyday after school) I really liked Eevee.  But when my older sister declared eevee was her favorite pokemon I just had to be different and forgot about my furry friend.  All these years later this song make me laugh and sing along like I've always known the words.  I think you will me singing along too, before long!

Xoxo <3,

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