Thursday, July 26, 2012

SURPRISE ARTICLE!!!! - Finding the PERFECT Nerd Job

Well it's finally here.  I'm done with school.  Completely, fully, and frighteningly done.  I've been in college since I was 16 (PSEO programs are amazing, if they are available in your state, do it!) and the idea of beginning done seemed like it was never going to happen. With that said, my life has become dedicated to trying to find a job.  I am faced with the terrifying thought of finding a REAL job....:shudders: 
On a completely unrelated note,
you'd be surprised what you find when you google "crappy jobs"
Don't get me wrong, I love writing this blog.  If it were up to me, I'd do this for a living.  But let's be realistic, the chances of such a thing happening are somewhat on the slim side.  Would I jump on the opportunity?  Yes!  Would I love for some bigger review site or group of reviewers to invite me on board their team? YOU HAVE NO IDEA.  But as it stands right now, I'm going to be realistic and hope that the fantasy will someday be a pleasant surprise.
   Now, let us begin. I thought it be fun for us to all look at some ideas of nerdy jobs I'd love to take a crack at!  Please keep in mind, I'm a Communications major with a minor in Technical Communications and several years of writing experience, so these jobs might be a little tailored towards your's truly.  I WOULD welcome people discussing their own ideas though, in fact I'd LOVE some discussion started.  So for the sake of making this a decently sized and halfway organized rant, let's make this a list.  This is in no particular order other than what pops into my head first. Yay for random-ness!

1.Special Events Planner 
Ever go to a really good party and say "I could do this!" Well that's been me as of late.  I helped with a lot of the planning for my sister's wedding and shower and I love helping plan a good party.  I even did an internship where I helped plan and carry-out weddings and company parties.  Now you might be asking, "What's so nerdy about event planning? Isn't that something social, the opposite of nerdy?" Well hear me out lovelies.  I would like to start a party company for nerdy events.  Anime themed birthdays, pony themed company parties, a zombie wedding--the sky is really the limit!

2. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Episode Writer
A chance to write for the greatest show ever?  YES PLEASE!  I've never really mentioned this before (that I remember) but I started off writing for children.  I'm hoping someday to write a children's book!  The thought of writing for a great children's show that has crossed so many boundaries would be amazing.  Not to mention this is a show with all female leads that are strong to boot!  I would love to write a show for little girls who want to grow up and be silly nerds unafraid of who they are.  I know this show would have helped me a lot when I was an insecure little girl. Giving girls a boost of confidence would be an honor!  Not to mention I could connect more directly with my brony brothers!  (I <3 you gentleponies!)

3. Video Game Magazine Writer
Could you imagine, writing about video games all day?  I have to admit, it be a very sweet gig!  I'd love to dedicate hard hours to scrutinizing and studying games.  What more can I say then, I'd be up for the challenge.  You've already seen how much I enjoy it on here!

4. Professional Junk Crafter
This might be the point where I'm abusing the word "professional".  If I've lost you with what the heck this job is, allow me to explain through flash back.

It's back in whatever year it was when I was 12 years old.  I have a box full of nothing but random crap: string, wire, buttons, mangled McDonald's Happy Meal toys, glitter, those things that plastic rings come in from gum ball machines, the foil from gum, sponges, fake flowers, the list goes on for miles!  There sits me, a bored to death little girl with an itch to use her ADD fueled hands.  I reach into the box, pulling out this and that until....BOOM necklaces, keychains, bouquets of flowers, hundreds a beautiful, little creations, all stemming from this cesspool of trash. 

Someday I'll give you guys a look at some of my creations (when my camera decides to come back from the dead -__-) but until then, you'll have to take my word for it!  I can make a mean piece of beautiful trash!

5. Podcaster 
Being paid to babble in an organized fashion?  Yes please!  I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but I've been involved in theatre my whole life.  That being said, I'm not afraid to talk to an audience-- at all.  I'd like to also think I have a halfway pleasant voice that people wouldn't mind hearing for an extending amount of time!  Plus, we all know I can babble on paper, and I'm the queen of organized babbling when put in front of a crowd.  I know podcasts aren't a live audience, but that wouldn't make it any less fun!

6. Professional Author
Doing this (this writing you see here) for a living, would be nothing short of amazing.  Also, ever since I was a little girl I've wanted to write a book.  I'm hoping I can someday make that happen.  Maybe I'll even let you guys into my latest writing projects, eventually.

7. Professional Storyteller
It's no secret that I love telling a good story.  When I was a little girl I was notorious for telling ghost stories on the playground (some of which scared the daylights out of my classmates) and I've always carried that ability with me ever since.   

8. Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Author
I haven't done it all that much, but when I have, I love being the Dungeon Master in a D&D game.  My adoration mainly comes from the fact that I love to create a good story, that is fun to play.  I can get mixed up about the order of combat of the Hp's of the baddies, but I know how to make a story that submerses you in.  Being able to write these type of stories in a campaign would be so much fun.  For those of you less familiar, in D&D you can often find pre-made adventures that can save time and brain power for your game.  These are the stories I'd love to write.  I love building an adventurous, though somewhat treacherous campaign.  

9. Social Media Coordinator 
I'm a bit of a social media buff. I love learning everything it takes to run a facebook or good twitter account.  I recently finished up a class all about social media.  I'd love to get paid to run someone's social networking sites!  And trust me, this is becoming a regular career.

10. Book and Teapot Store Owner 
I had to get a funny one in here.  Too bad brick and mortor stores are really dying out.  But as both a collector of books and teapots this silly dream would be a lovely reality.  I would make cupcakes and cookies fresh eat day!  If I ever open up a store, you guys will be the first ones invited for free desserts, tea, and paperbacks ^_^

Well there's a look into my silly, though still desired, dreams.  Maybe I'll find success in one of these, maybe multiple.  We'll have to see where life takes me.  What do you guys think.  What do you think I should do?  What would you do?  

Until next time!


  1. First must be a really smart person if you took those courses at 16. ^_^

    Now what should you do? The question is...what do you enjoy most from those things? Or...which one seems to be the most realistic job in your case? Your friendly persona and the fun in your words would make you a great podcaster. If it was me I would go with the video game magazine writer. I like to talk about video games, so that's something I would apply for.

  2. Brick and mortar stores are dying out for a reason. Embrace the Kindle.

  3. You don't really need to apply to do any of those jobs. That's what's great about nerd jobs like these - you don't need to apply and work and "break in" to the industry. Great list!