Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Movie Musings - Brave

I'm working on it, Brave, I'm working on it
Where was THIS movie when I was growing-up?!?  Now before you say, "It was there, it was called 'Mulan'" I'd like you to lend me your ears and hang up your weapons.  Before I defend why I loved this movie, I'm going to point out everything I've heard against this movie.

1. It's not a very original story.
2. Pixar has done better

To address the first complaint, yes, this movie does have a more traditional plot.  Without spoiling anything, it has the typical heros quest adventure with a splash of girl power, something we've been seeing a lot from in the latest attempts at princess movies.  But this movie takes a traditional plot line and does it well, a feat that seems to allude movie makers on many an occasion.  It shows a heroes quest of not only a young girl, but of a strong-willed character.

Now as far as the argument that this is not Pixar's best work, I will admit that it is not the best on paper, but that doesn't mean this flick still can't pull at even the crankiest of heart-strings.  It's a movie about breaking tradition and finding your own way, a plot we see in many movies.  Do you know why we see this a lot?  Because it's relatable, especially for girls were the vast majority of our abilities comes from either breaking recent tradition or having ladies of the past do it for us.  It's nice to see a movie with a female lead, named Merida, that isn't trying to get the guy or even save the guy.  Yes, she is living in a world where she needs to get married whether she likes it or not and it does drive her early motivations, but as the story progresses it becomes like any story (with a male lead or not) about a PERSON trying to save the day.  Gender has nothing to do with her motivations, it's just something that gives her different obstacles than that of a male lead.

I've been known for being a movie snob, especially when a movie provides a simple or overdone story, but I've been known to melt this all away for one reason: if the story invokes my emotions.  I suddenly felt like that little girl I once was who dreamed of climbing mountains and fighting monsters.  I could insert myself into this story with ease and become a part of it.  This movie made me feel like I belonged, something many a disney movie didn't succeed at when I was a little hell-raiser. This is a story about a girl and her parents.

I think that's why I loved it so much.

Okay, not too get too personal, but I'm a young lady who knows (semi) what I want out of life.  I've always wanted to be a mother because I grew-up with the kindest, sweetest mom in the world who is ALWAYS there for me.  Do we sometimes have conflict?  Of course!  Do we at times drive each other crazy?  Understatement.  But my mom always  been there for me.  Brave hits me hard because it's really about parents trying to do what they think is best and learning to just let go and let their kids be.  This movie made me feel that struggle that parent go through and how, despite all it's misery, it is worth it to see your kids grow up and be happy.  Overall, this movie is a great tool for parents in developing strong relationships with their children.  It reminded me of how lucky I am to have my parents with all their wisdom and understand it and made me think about how that's exactly the type of parent I want to be. So when people say this is just another princess movie, I guess that's why I get offended.  It's a story about parenting cleverly wearing a princess costume.  Mix in a little girl power amongst some crazy beautiful, Celtic scenery and you make this gal rather happy. Seriously though, this movie is worth it for the visuals alone, the beautiful lessons learned are an added bonus.

So don't go into this movie judging it because it wears a crown, go to it because you are a blank slat, ready to learn.  You will be surprised.

Well, this has gone deeper down the rabbit hole than I intended!  Haha!  I hope you all didn't mind!  Commence throwing only spoons and feathers if you are annoyed.


PS: The crazy little brothers are ADORABLE....and probably what my own demons would look like someday (help me....)


  1. I didn't really enjoy this movie because I felt kinda cheated by the trailers. The trailers seemed to say that this was about a princess fighting for her independence, to put it simply. Instead, the movie I watched was more about how the mother and daughter build their relationship. Not a bad thing, really, they spend SO MUCH time building up Merida's desire for independence (nearly half the movie) that when the ACTUAL plot kicks in, it almost comes out of left field.

    1. I will admit that it slightly felt like two movies stuck together. There was mention of the story building into a mother-daughter conflict but I think one more draft could have cleared up the bumpy seams.

  2. Wow, that was the most heartfelt review I've read in awhile. I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy this film. I liked Tangled surprisingly, so I think this film will be good for me and my family.

    Good stuff.

  3. Thanks! have mentioned a movie for another's a hint....I LOVE Tangled! I seriously can't find anything wrong with that movie, that's how happy that movie makes me feel ^_^

  4. I'm still on the fence with this movie, but the brothers sound cute. I'll probably catch on video.

  5. I just saw this movie! :D

    Though I agree that Pixar has done better, I admit I have a fondness for action-princess movie. There were times when I thought "Yep, I had that fight with my mom." I mean, I probally would have loved the movie if it had been just about Merida finding her independance, but I still liked the direction it took and the ending made me tear up.
    Oh, and the costumer deep inside me swooned a bit at Merida's outfits.

  6. I absolutely adored this movie! I am a huge Celtic Geek and this was right up my alley. I loved the music - I loved the outfits - I loved the accents - I loved the humor - I think this is one of the best Pixar movies to come along in a while. I know blasphamous - but I was not a fan of Up, Cars 2 BLEH, Wall-e was well done, but not a personal favorite, Any Toy Story after 1 not such a much. I know this movie has gotten a LOT of flack - but when it comes out on Blu-Ray I will be there day one to buy it!

  7. Amazing review.
    I loved what you said about parents trying their best to teach kids what is right, but ultimately letting them learn things on their own. It just looked like The Queen was the only one trying to compromise understand her daughter's thoughts of breaking tradition. I never once saw Marida(sorry if I misspelled that) try to understand why tradition was so important to her mother and family.

  8. Pixar Movies always make me cry like a little baby. I haven't seen this one yet, but I'd bet good money this one will make me cry too. Manly tears of course. Because, you know, I'm male and all ;-)