Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Babbles of a Fangirl - Nerdy Things I Did While on Jury Duty

"What's this?"  The captain noted off of the radar, his cigarette hanging in disbelief out of the corner of this mouth.  He turned in his swivel chair so hard it that he had to plant his feet to the ground with firm smash. The men all raised their heads, ready for panic. He noted how suddenly young all of their faces looked.  
He readjusted his cigarette and sighed. "Men!" He bellowed.  "Braise yourselves!" 
And in that moment they all knew, praying to any of their gods would be futile.   It had returned.  The horror from out of the depths and nothing could stop it.

The Patchwork Nerd had made a new post.


So...uh....that bit up there is my very convoluted way of saying, "I'M BACK!"
Don't question it, okay?  You should expect worse from me by now.  With that said, it is finally time for me to kick things into gear and give you all what you want (or maybe don't want, but you're getting it anyway): here are the nerdy things I did during jury duty!

Caught-up on my Dungeons and Dragons Reading

Anyone who knows me has come to understand that I bring a book with me everywhere.  It's like my security blanket.  Awkward downtime, take out my book!  Waiting for something, take out my book!  Don't have any free-time, at least I have my book, just incase!  Sometime I bring too many books.  I will admit that there a at least 3 books in my backpack right now (Game of Thrones, How to Train Your Dragon, and The Last Unicorn).  I read multiple books at a time because I have a book for every mood.  Although if I don't finish Game of Thrones within the next year, I'm pretty sure my boyfriend will hide all the books I own until I do (he's in for a challenge).  Oh...am I babbling again?

SEGWAY! (<----this might become a regular thing)

What I'm trying to say is that I brought a lot of books with me to jury duty.  One of which was my Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes of the Feywild.  It's a lovely book and if you are a fan of D&D it really expands your knowledge of the world while helping you cultivate richer stories.  Go and read it!  If your just a fantasy fan, it will really inspire you and give you great story ideas!  


The funny thing about jury duty is that you get a note pad during the court case.  The problem is, you don't get it back when you are done.  You can't take it out of the court room and it becomes evidence once the trial is over.  That means that I had to resist writing and doodling on blank paper.  ME denying blank paper a face.  It hurt a lot.  So when we got our breaks, I was desperate to do something, ANYTHING with my hands.  The problem was that it was too loud to do write anything deep (everyone talked a lot and I need silence to write) and drawing, I have found, always gathers too much attention.  I don't need anyone seeing the crap I draw.  So knitting was the perfect compromise.  It allowed me to be social with others (something I've been practicing) while keeping my hands busy.  I've been working on a scarf for a while now and thanks to my jury services, I'm almost done!

Not to mention it was a great conversation started (I'm trying to leave my corner more)

My Banter with Strangers
Keep reading, this will make sense in a bit

It's odd to think that jury duty, of all things, is the event that makes you realize just how much of a nerd you might be.  When you are in jury duty you are not allowed to discuss the case with anyone, this includes other members of the jury duty.  Now imagine, if you would, getting a break from court while you are on a jury.  For those of you who have never been on a jury what happens is a nice court attendant takes you back to this little room all tucked away from the rest of the court house.  It has two bathrooms and lots of coffee to prevent you from ever wanting to leave.  Now while in this little room, sipping your coffee and staring at the wall you might feel so inclined as to talk to your fellow jurors.  The only problem is that there's an elephant in the room.  A big, fat, stinking elephant that sits on the middle of the table and is catching up on this hobby of playing the spoons while burping the alphabet.  He's right there, and you have to ignore him.  This leads to small talk, lots and lots of small talk.  Sometimes VERY small talk just to keep  you from yelling out about the latest witness you saw.   

Now many of you don't know me personally so I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  I babble. . . A LOT.  I'm usually quiet around people I've never met before, but six days of sitting in a court room will really warm you up to the idea of talking about anything before you have to go back into a room where you can barely move a facial muscle, let alone talk.  The topics of our conversations were pretty normal, ranging from "What do you do?" to "Are you married?" ect...ect...ect...but by the 5th or 6th day people were either connecting with each other and coming up with the perfect thing to say to each other or grasping at straws.  There was one particular gentleman that was grasping for his dear life.  One day we were all sitting.  He wasn't talking (but you could tell he wanted to be) and I was knitting.  I happen to be wearing my dragon necklace that is gold.  The dragon has it's claws wrapped around a bright, blue marble, so it's very distinct.  He pointed to my necklace and said,

"That's a neat necklace."  Bless his soul you could see him trying to have a sense of humor as he said, "Is it a lucky dragon?"

I looked up from my knitting, placing my hands lovingly around the little dragon.  I smiled.  "I'm not sure.  But I wear it to most of my D&D games and it's always helped me not die."

Right away I wanted to smack myself. What did I just say?!?  Crap, he must think I'm crazy! I looked up at him.  He smiled but looked like he didn't know how to reply.  Okay, he only thinks I'm a little crazy.  I quickly went back to my knitting, my fingers flying to make it look like I was very busy.  

That's always been my problem with strangers or new people.  Most people look at me and say or think "Aww....she looks and sounds like she just stepped out of a Victorian Christmas card!  I'm sure she has pleasent things to say!"

And the funny thing is that I usually do, but every-so-often I say that one nerdy thing that makes people either stare blankly at me or think I'm freakin' awesome.  I'm glad to say I've learned to be proud of it and polite when the stares happen.  But I got to admit, that gentleman's face was pretty priceless. 

Well, that's it for now! 




  1. Great to see you back. Jury Duty sounds like a drag. I have never been selected though.

  2. This is one of the most entertaining reads I've read in awhile, made me smile the whole way through. Jury duty does sound a little boring, but with an Elephant, I'm not sure how boring it could be. Bringing a book everywhere is a solid idea, you never know when you might need it.

  3. I've just started getting into Dungeons and Dragons, and I have to say that it's totally AWESOME!! :)

    It's great that you're not in jury duty anymore.

    1. That's wonderful! What edition are you playing? Class? Race? My first time I was an eladrin rogue. I loved every moment of it! Let me know if you need any tips! I'd love to swap stories!

    2. Well, right now I'm just reading through the manuals. There are so many of them. I found this really nice gaming store that has a lot of the manuals. My friend back at school does a lot of role playing, and I like to look up some stuff for her.