Monday, June 18, 2012

Thanks from a Fangirl - 1000 Views!!!!

Hello, hello all!  Today is a very special day because I've finally hit over 1000 views.  I know there are posts and videos out there that could easily run billions of laps around my humble, little blog but I am none-the-less thankful for all the support and love you wonderful people have brought me over the last several months.  I really thought for a time this blog was going nowhere fast, but now it's rapidly growing success is making all that hard work feel worth it.  I'm doing what I set out to do; I'm reaching out to fellow nerds and people curious about nerd culture and telling them what it's like. You've given a nerd girl a voice in a world where many nerd girls are hiding (I know I was for a LONG time) and now we are slowly getting a louder and bigger voice. You are all so magical and if it where possible, I'd come and hug all of you!

(>'')> <(''<)

 :Virtual Hug: >.<

Who knows that the future holds for your happy and humble Patchwork.  All I know is I've got some great people standing with me and I can't wait to see who I pick up next (Maybe a Tinman this time?)

As always, toodles!

PS: I want to do something special to celebrate.  Would you like to request a post? Ask me questions about myself?  Write what you want in the comments below and I'll make something happen!


  1. Congratulations! That's an accomplishments. Our gift should be more of your work put up on here! Congrats again! :)

  2. We'll make sure to mad hype it all the way to 100,000 views.

  3. Stick with it. If you build it they will come! :)