Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Babbles of a Fangirl - Wreck-it Ralph Trailer

Shut up...sit trailer....I....can't....breathe!

Did you watch it?  If not...get your tail feather back up there ^and watch it! If you did....GAH!  I'm already setting myself up for disappointment with this one, but how CANT I?  I think I'd watch this just to see the full scene where baddies like Bowser and Dr. Robotnik talk about their experiences as being gaming villains! This is everything that I've wanted to see in a game about video games, clever nods to the masters with bright colors, loud worlds, and a look at where games have started and where they are going.  You can bet I will be watching this one closely!

(And who knows, maybe this will inspire an animated Mario movie that ACTUALLY is faithful to the game!)

What did you think?  Are you happy/sad/mad/glad/uyad about this movie?  Do you think it will be a great wink at gamers or a shameful exploitation of characters we love?  Let me know!

In the words of a wise video game character, "What could possibly go wrong?"

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  1. This posting makes me want to see this movie so badly! It makes me feel like my childhood is coming to life on the big screen! Thanks for sharing it with us! I can't wait for your review on it as well!