Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Babbles of a Fangirl - Nerdy Things to Do When Sick

Surprise, surprise!  With all the stress of helping with family weddings out of the way and recovering from my voice loss, you'd think I'd be back and ready for a consistent schedule of articles -- guess again kiddies!  After all of the hectic-ness in my life lately, I earlier this week had another addition to my annoyance....I threw-up, like, really bad.  Probably the only nerdy thing I report about that moment was that my boyfriend loyally sat by my side in the bathroom, rubbing my back and reading his "Game of Thrones" book.

So now I've spent far too much time curled up on my couch, watching more internet reviews than I'd ever like to admit and nurturing my copy of "The Last Unicorn".  Now I'm bored, really bored, and that's where all you lovely people come in!  I'm going to make a list of my nerdy things you can do when stuck in bed or on the couch because you are sick!  Have fun!

1. Play with legos

I can't be alone with this one -- I DEMAND not to be!  Do you ever find that when you are curled up on the coach with a TV tray in front of you, filled with hot soup and Sierra Mist, that you really just want to knock it off and fill it up with those adorable, rainbow blocks from you childhood?  Even if you can't sit up, breath, or hold down food at least you can use up your last bits of strength to press those darling little blocks into place so you can complete your Star Wars Tie Fighter or recreation of the epic D&D battle you did three weeks ago.  I know for sure than when I'm sick, being reminded of my carefree, childhood certainly livens my spirit and makes me feel like if I got through the chicken pox in kindergarten, I can get through this now.

The man that made this was bed-ridden for 6 was a wicked paper cut

If a sponge can do it, so can you!
2. Imagine a Videogame 

Okay, I can hear your arguments already.  "But Auntie Patches, it's easier to just play a videogame.", "Auntie Patches, imagining stuff is hard!", "Auntie Patches, you need to stay out of the happy pill cabinet." but hear me out first.  When I was a little girl I was obsessed with "The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time" completely obsessed.  It was the only game I wanted to watch, I daydreamed about it, I drew pictures, I wrote stories.  Finally, I decided to break away from Hyrule and try something very risky: inventing my own videogame.  So I did. In my head I created levels, puzzles, the storyline, characters, action sequences (Some pretty dark for a 10 or 11 year old) and strung it all together.  Granted, I have no idea how to make a real videogame (graphics wise, I mean) but you know what?  Coming up with all the little details were so fun that I didn't need to play it.  I still have that game in my head, levels and all and I know that it's my own private game I can play anytime I want.   Not to mention, it helps that I don't have to press any buttons, a plus when you are sick and unable to move!

I couldn't agree more, Dash!
3. Write a Fanfiction
Why am I so certain that you are all boo-ing me for this choice?  Well, the word "fanfiction" is not known for inspiring the confidence of others in the world of writing or sanity.  I remember the first fanfiction I ever read about the band members of My Chemical Romance meet Criss Angel and after Brothers Gerard and Mikey kiss each other, Mikey gives Criss Angel his favorite demon rubber ducky. . . .

After that, I pretty much washed my hands of fanfiction.  It wasn't until my fairly recent My Little Pony obsession that I began to peek at that-which-must-not-be-read, because you know what?  Fanfiction can be fun!  Sure some of it can be weird!
85% of Bronies

Some of it can be creepy!
Dont worry "Cupcakes", I have a few words for you in the future....also, please don't hurt me!

But there is some fanfiction that despite it's poor writing and obvious fan service, is just fun and makes you smile.
And sometimes let's you live out your sick fantasies....JK!
My thought is, if you are sick and on the verge of death anyway, wouldn't you like someone to know that you secretly shipped The Nostalgia Chick and Todd in the Shadows long before anyone knew they were dating in real life?  When you are sick, laughter often helps leaps and bounds, so why not make yourself laugh at all the crap you can come up with about something you love anyway?  You will get a rush from nerding out and you will find yourself giggling at the crap you come up with.  Try this (and the other stuff previously mentioned) next time you're sick, you just might make yourself feel a whole lot better.  I know I am!



  1. These are all things I gotta keep in mind. One can actually combine imagining a video game and writing a fan fiction by writing down the game's story. For me, I could actually apply that into a sprite animation.

    While some of the latter part of this list is slightly creepy, these are great points to apply when one is feeling like they're on the verge of death.

  2. Fanfiction is a dangerous and frightening area of the internet, but it's worth digging through it for the few gems that exist. If you ever think you shouldn't write because you're worried it won't be any good just remember that worse things have come before it and will come after it.