Monday, September 23, 2013

My Little Fan Fiction - Godzilla Comes to Ponyville!

So as many of you have noticed, I have developed quite the habit of constantly being on hiatus from my blog and my followers. Why?  Well for all of the wrong reasons.  It feels lazy to say I'm tired, cliched to say I'm busy, and annoying to say I've been having a lot of "life" happening as of late. But dang-it, those are the main cards I have to play with right now.  I wish I had a little more time to really do everything with this blog that I dream of doing.  I wish I had time for a lot of the projects I have brewing in my brain.  Hopefully things will start to slow down and I can finally reach out to all of you as often as I would like.  With that said, thank you to everyone who is continuing to come back and take a look around.  Your patience, encouragement, and input means the world to me!

Now, my epic attempt at a terrible fan fiction, because of this discussion:

What better reason could I have?  Only thing is, I want to see if you guys enjoy this before I really get lost in my dedication.  So this is an incomplete story.  If you want me to keep going and write the next part than write it in the comments below.  I really need your opinions! So here we go!  We shall now begin with my very first part of my very first fan fiction!  Gather around boys and girls because today's story is,

"Godzilla Comes to Ponyville" 
By: Mother Patches <3

It was a splendidly crisp day outside Fluttershy's cottage.  The trees were beginning to blush their copper colored faces that welcomed the traditional, though sometimes competitive, running of the leaves.  All of Ponyville would be gathering this very moment at the starting line, either to see their runners off or prepare for their own hikes through the forest.  Fluttershy, on the other-hoof had some very important business to attend to.

"Now remember, Wingston," she softly said to her pudgy robin friend, "you may not be the best flier, but you are smart.  Help your friends find their way south."  

Poor little Wingston ruffled his fluffy coat and hid beneath his twitchy wings.  Faint peep-peeps came from beneath his feathers.  Fluttershy simply smiled and nuzzled her nose against his little head.  "Now there, there Wingston.  You can't always be scared."  She gave him a light nudge.  "You will be wonderful if you just try." The bird popped out from beneath his feathers to smile at her. He looked over his shoulder at all the other bird, feathers every color of a sonic rainboom, ready to take off.  He looked back at Fluttershy, frowning.

"Go on!"  She cheered.  

Wingston whistled a happy tune and fluttered off, leaving the pale yellow pony smiling.  "He was very brave today, wasn't he Angel?"

Angel, Fluttershy's pet bunny was lolling in the planter box outside of Fluttershy's cottage, poking bits of yellowing grass between his buck teeth.  He flicked a blade into Fluttershy's hair and closed his eyes.

"Oh you're right, Angel.  It is your nap time!"  Fluttershy backed away from the bunny quietly.  "I will just follow the birds to the top of the hill.  It won't take long."

"La, la, la!" Fluttershy sang to herself as she pranced to the top of the hill.  The sky was a beautiful clear blue.  Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy's good friend, had been sure to clear the sky for all of her birdy friends before going off to the running of the leaves.  From atop the hill Fluttershy could see all of Ponyville.  Twilight Sparkle's beloved library, Carousel Boutique, Sugarcube Corner, even Sweet Apple Acres were all in her view.  She nearly lost her breath at the beauty of all the trees, still the color of magnificent fire.  She could watch the branches sway for hours.  She loved the scarlets,  pale oranges, and golden yellows.  

"It really does look like fire!"  She said to herself.  Fluttershy took in another deep breath of fall air.  She stopped halfway to cough.  "Oh no!"  She exclaimed.  "The trees really are on fire!"

End of part one....