Monday, August 26, 2013

The Most Inspiring Thing I've Seen in Years - Miley Cyrus of 'We Can't Stop' at the VMAs

I know I made a promise to one of my fellow blogger's that I would write about a requested topic (and trust me that draft is underway) but there was something far too urgent for me to wait to write about.  This morning I was checking my email (as I often do as part of my lazy day ritual) and my concerns were more focused on if an order of deliciously discounted clothes I had purchased and if the package was going to finally arrive today.  Suddenly, as I clicked to logout out of my email, I was flooded with yahoo news declaring that Miley Cyrus had put on a more shocking performance at this years VMAs than even Lady Gaga had turned out.  I, being a curious glutton for punishment decided to embark on an epic quest to see how batty they former Disney brat had decided to swing.  Now keep in mind that I am pretty much disconnected from pop culture and more specifically MTV.  I don't watch cable, I've never seen Jersey Shore (because it will probably make me eat a cyanide cupcake), and my favorite bands are Coheed and Cambria, My Chemical Romance, In This Moment, Nine Inch Nails, and Mars Volta.  I'm not MTVs target audience.  So going into this viewing I knew this wouldn't be for me.  I expected to be outraged, offended, screaming feminist rants, and demanding a refund to my eyes and eyes.  But do you know what....

It was the most inspiring thing I've seen in a very long time. 

Part of why I haven't been writing on this blog is because I have had a wicked case of writers block.  It has been so severe that I find myself either crying or silently raging in frustration.  This has now finally changed.  After watching Miley stick out her tongue out multiple times in a obvious I'm-trying-waaaaay-too-hard fashion, bears dance for no purpose, and a former Disney star stick her face in someone's ass like it was a bouquet of roses, I have become inspired.  I have found my muse. I know what I must do and I want you to see what you must do as well.  

Now I know what you're thinking: "She wants us to protest this!  She wants us to take to the streets, protesting everything this performance stands for!  We need to promote being smart so our little girls don't grow up like this!" and sure those are all fine and dandy thoughts, but there is something more urgent we need to do.  

I am asking you to keep trying.

I can here the collective "HUH?  That's IT!?" Yes, my request is as simple as that.  We need to keep trying.  

At first when I saw Miley come out, tongue lolling out and about, I wanted to give up.  "What's the point in even trying to make art when half-baked-cash grab-shock-for-effect-pieces-of-dung like this are what we as Americans highlight in our society?  Why should I ever both to try and write a beautiful poem or insightful article when they will always been highly overlooked so that pieces of fleshy trash like this can shine?"  But you know what?  I kept thinking (as sane people should try and do in times like these) and I realized "This is why I should keep writing."  And this is why all artists should keep doing what they love."  It’s not from the standpoint that I don't even have to try to be famous or successful!  No.  Artists should do what they love because every-so-often there is someone who looks at the VMAs and goes, "This isn't for me," It's like I said before, I am not the audience for this performance.  This wasn't made to please me.  Something about this has made some people happy, but there are still plenty of other people that I can make happy too.

That is why Miley Cyrus’s performance is inspiring. If you keep you objective goggles on something can make you hate it but still have a positive impact on you.  

Perhaps this is a bit about optimism too.  I certainly have been afraid before that my own writing is pointless because it’s not changing the world. I realize now though that when we reach out to the world chances are there are few people our art will impact.  I know my blog is never going to reach the fame of Miley Cyrus, the VMAs, or any major pop culture sensation, but I have my few faithful followers that I know enjoy reading my work.  Honestly, that is all I need.

I once heard someone say that art is not done to please the artist, but to please the audience.  If Miley Cyrus is what pleases you, then by all means, keep reaching out to see and hear her art (yes I will use the word art).  Art makes an impact on the individuals who views it and Miley Cyrus's performance sure impacted me.  It reminded me that there is an audience for everything and even though I may never become famous or leave as large of an impact as I hope to, at least I managed to make a few people happy along the way.  I hope you too will be just as inspired as I am.  Keep trying, guys and gals, keep trying.

You're art means more than you'll ever know.

Tootles <3

P.S. Here is the performance if you want to watch. 


  1. If anything, some of the best things to come from this are the faces on the One Direction guys. Harry Styles was looking like "Well, that's a thing. I'm just gonna keep chewing my gum."

  2. What a great perspective Patchwork. I'm definitely not the target audience, but clearly someone told her it was a good idea. Maybe another good lesson is to have more trustworthy critique partners.

    - Maurice Mitchell

    The Geek Twins | Film Sketchr