Monday, October 8, 2012

A Long Needed Explanation

Well, well,'s been a while. Quite a LONG while! First off, before I launch into a list of excuses, I want to apologize for my absence. I've been gone for over a month with barely any words to any of you for why. With that, here's my explanation.

It started with some health problems. Nothing serious at all, but I had a few instances back to back that really bogged me down physically and, as a result, my mental faculties weren't all there. I was exhausted and just trying to cruise by with what energy I had left. Next-ly, I got a big girl job shortly after. This job is very time consuming and came without warning. As a result, I had to quickly jump into it. I love the work, but the adjustment to my schedule has left me with precious time for a personal life. This resulted in my writing taking a place on the back burner.

I really wanted to come back and write, but it seemed like when ever the opportunity was about I had 0 energy or was needed elsewhere.

On the bright-side, I'm back now. I can't promise the consistency I once had (at least not for a while) but I will do my best to stay connected to you guys as well as keep some semblance of a schedule.

I appreciate your patience. I'm sorry to everyone I've been in contact with that I fell off the face of the earth. I really didn't mean to hurt or offend anyone.

But I'm back and I'm going to make up for lost time...

Starting with this.

I played this game a lot as a child....I'd like to this this video is based on how I played the game.

Toodles (But not for long!)

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