Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Well, it's finally happened!  The reason why I've been MIA for the last two weeks is finally here: MY FIRST VIDEO!  I've provided the link to it below and I encourage you to go to youtube and leave me your rates and comments!  Heck, if you feel like it, subscribe to my channel. I know it's simple and of low quality, but if you guys want more, I promise my babbles will only get better as my comfort both behind and in front of the camera increases!

There will be babbling, there will be video games....heck.... their might even be ponies! (PS: I provide something to distract all you non-pony people!)

Now go have a look!

Patchwork Babbles -Show & Tell

I'm nothing without you guys!  Thanks for all of the encouragement, views, and advice. I would have never gotten the courage to do this without you!

And special thanks to my BF, who always encourages me to take risks <3


Tootles darlings!


  1. I liked your vid. The transitions are cool and the format is good..........but did you have to bring up the damn ponies, lol xD
    Good job.

    Yes, I totally used the same comment on YouTube. Your first vide deserved two comments. In there.

  2. Ponies are AWESOME! Great job with the video; looking forward to more.