Monday, March 19, 2012

Site Changes

Now before I go into a major overhaul I wanted to give your few but faithful followers (yes, I'm talking to your precious three!) a heads up.  Beside the Controller is going through some changes.  Let me make one thing perfectly clear,  my BTC articles are NOT going away; they just won't be the only focus of this site. I've recently realized I have a lot I want to say about other mediums like movies, RPGs, and all around nerdiness, but I don't want to make 24254563 blogs for each focus.  Thus there will now be three main publications to this site, those being Beside the Controller, Movie Rants (Title Subject to change!) and Babbles of a Fangirl.  I hope that this will also help me produce a steadier flow of articles.  I hope that this doesn't turn anyone away from the site.  Everyone who has been watching my posts and reading my thoughts means a lot to me and I can not hope to continue my success without you.  I want to be able to give you more to read, a more consistent flow of articles, and more chances to read about topics that might interest you.  Now come along my freaks and friends!  We have some major nerding to do!

....Now if only I could come up with a new names for the site....

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