Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Babbles of a Fangirl - Good Morning Spring!

Spring is finally here!  So what better way to start the season off than with the merry singing of some very lovable ponies?  I've been waiting since my first viewing of this episode to sing this song at the top of my lungs with spring really starting!  If you haven't guessed by now, yes, I watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and yes, I'm a girl.  As much as am crazy about my brony brothers I sometimes feel like us girl fans get over shadowed.  We fangirls finally have something nostalgic and awesome to lose our heads about (that doesn't involve sparkling men...."shivers") and we lose to a bunch of men hugging plushies.  I guess it's not meant to be a competition, though.  My Little Pony is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, young and old, male and female!  I'm so glad that we can all enjoy spring together too!

Then again....I don't get out into the sun much....haha!  We'll have to work on that this year!

This is probably my favorite episode of MLP (or at least in the top 10....I'll do a list later) because I can relate to it so much.  I never was a girl with conventional abilities.  I often had to find a way to fit in my creatively inserting my talents amongst the normal ones.  I'm just as big of a "egg-head" as Twilight Sparkle, so I feel her pain and desperation to belong.  I think this episode is great for little girls (and kids in general) because it encourages them to keep searching for their place and when they can't find something that matches everyone else, make up something new!  I also like how the other ponies don't belittle Twilight for not not having the same talents.  They are very encouraging.  It's only when Twilight realizes she has no passion or ability to keep going that she moves on.  The other ponies even make suggestions on other things she could try.  The only time that Twilight gets into trouble is when she breaks the rules.  This teachers kids that you have to still respect the rules of the people you are working with.  Creative solutions and clever thinking are what save the day.  And what better way to usher in spring than by coming together with your friends, having some self-exploration, and enjoying the sweetness of spring!

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