Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Babbles of a Fangirl - Disney's Frozen

My favorite Disney film is Tangled.  There, I said it.  If you would like to judge me get in line behind the people who don't understand why I like ponies.  To me Tangled encompassed everything that the Disney films from my childhood had while still remaining aware of how its audience has changed.  When I heard about Disney's newest crack of the animated whip "Frozen" I was optimistic but not jumping out of my seat to witness any footage released early.  Instead I waited idly by, until on a snuggly Sunday afternoon I decided to go see the icy concoction myself.

I was not disappointed.

Frozen, in short, delivers two things extremely well.  It has that catchy music that makes it irresistible for both children and children at heart alike.  Second, it doesn't try to hard.  When I saw Princess and the Frog I felt the entire time like the movie was trying so hard to be that nostalgic Disney film that I couldn't focus.  On top of that it was also trying to break that glass ceiling many Disney films are under.  The problem was that Princess and the Frog was trying to break that ceiling with a Miley Cyrus mounted wrecking balls and that's just no fun for anyone (especially the wrecking ball). Frozen, on the other hand, also takes a crack at that glass ceiling, only this time they are slowly melting the glass down as they warm our hearts.  The characters are sweet and memorable, the plot and villain are not what you would expect, and the songs are to die for!

Case and point here:

I feel that this is a great example for young girls, showing them that even if you are awkward or shy you have something great inside of you worth showing.  As for adult audiences, not only will it kick up those warm and fuzzies from the good old days, but it will entertain you with a fun story and great comedy mixed with action.

Plus there is a Rapunzel and Flynn cameo....what more could you ask for?

Just let it go, darlings.  Let it go!

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