Sunday, May 5, 2013

I'm a Princess....FINALLY!

All hail Princess_____?
Well I finally did it.  I became a Princess.  But not just any Princess, one worthy of being kidnapped by the Ice King himself!  My sister shared a link with me not too long ago that allowed me to make the transformation.  Go check it out if you are any sort of fan of paper doll-esqe games!  I certainly was a major fan of these things when I was little and I'm happy to say it is one passion I have yet to grow out of!  (Prepare for link in 3....2....1)

Adventure Time Princess Maker --by spacecoma

I have really been getting into Adventure Time lately, especially now that it's entire first season is up for watching on Netflix.  It's just a blissful way to waste a day while still feeling like your using some shred of imagination.  I will probably make a top 5 list of my favorite episodes from the first season once I watch them all.  In the meantime, I need your help!  What should my new Princess name be?

And yes...I know I promised reviews on the Walking Dead video is underway!

Until then....tootles!

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