Wednesday, May 9, 2012

RIP Maurice Sendak - The Loss of a Great Artist

I know this is a day late, but I just wanted a chance to say goodbye a very inspiring artist.  As many of you know, Maurice Sendak, author of the acclaimed book "Where the Wild Things Are" (among MANY others) passed away yesterday from stroke complications.  This man will be missed and cherished by so many for decades to come.  I'll admit that I did not enjoy "Where the Wild Things Are" as much as a could have as a child.  When I got older I came to understand how pleasant his story is for all who read it.

How I wish to remember this man.  RIP

No, one of my greatest childhood memories stemmed from the television show based on his work, "Little Bear".  This show always brought of smile to my face by way of it's quiet charm and large imagination.  It was one of the first shows I watched and felt encouraged to dream as big as my thought bubbles would let me.  I thank him for such a wonderful inspiration and for introducing the song "Blow the Man Down" to forever be stuck in my head (it already is, upon mentioning).

Not to mention his spit fire appearance on The Colbert Report made him my all time favorite, cranky old man.

Rest well, sir and thanks for the ride.



  1. Very sorry to hear of his passing. Maurice Sendak was a very talented artist.

  2. His artwork made the book what it is today! I remember reading it with my mom when I was very young. It's sad to see such talent go. He will be missed.