Friday, January 6, 2012

Overall Thoughts - Don't Shit Your Pants

After the serious faced game of Batman: Arkham City, I need to watch something mind numbingly stupid to cleanse my pallet so I can fairly watch and evaluate future games. Enter “Don’t Shit Your Pants” a brief but memorable game on Newgrounds. Can you guess what the premise is? Yeah, that was a stupid question. Premise aside you play the game by typing in simple commands to manipulate the character and objects offered to you. Beyond that, there isn’t much else.

 Overall this game is good for two things. It will make the wait for your other games to finish downloading seem shorter and possible kill you with laughter. If you need to kill five or ten minutes, this game is perfect, but is this game good enough to watch? Well, yes and no. If you want to interact and help the person typing the commands, then you will get some entertainment out of it. This is game can be just as entertaining for the player as it is for the watcher if you are willing to help out with generating ideas of what to do. It doesn’t over do it will its possibilities so you will probably finish it or be done with it before you can get bored. If you are looking for a deep plot with twists and turns, see my other reviews (I’ll hook you up!). This game is best described and brief but funny. Quick laughs and a short time in your life where you are encouraged to type the word “shit”. What more can a person ask for? To give the game a try, visit here: And if you feel like being the sweetest of people, write a comment, saying who sent you! Hugs and kisses! -Zanny

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